Dear visitor, imagine yourself into an average Italian town. When you look at this town from above you are likely to see a red-roofed historic centre surrounded by newer developments. Through the centre goes the historic main street that is the busiest also today. There, the old facades have been converted into bright shopping windows, and cinemas and theatres into shops and shiny bars. An odd, a little run down eating place of years ago now sells global clothing brands. Off this bustling main street life is quieter and slower. The further you go the less the names you read on the houses are known to you. They are local businesses serving local people. When you are in a town like this then where do you go? Do you leave the main street to explore the periphery? Periphery means inconvenience and uncertainty. But it has the potential to surprise.


Greetings, dear visitor. My name is Priidu Tänava. Welcome!

This site is firstly a little knowledge base where I aim to collect some of my professional experiences. If you have come here in search for expertise in Oracle and Java then the articles in the Database Development section may offer insight into my thought process.

The Logic of Simultaneity section is a web page to accompany my self-published e-book of same title – my theory of the universe. It adds context to the book and offers additional downloads.